DST Inspire Internship Program Centre

Notice Board/Circulars

115/02/2018NIQ for Video Recording DVD etc
206/02/2018NIQ for Conference Material LIKE Bags, Pen etc
306/02/2018NIQ for Printing
406/02/2018NIQ for Bedding
506/02/2018Menu for catering
606/02/2018NIQ for Catering
718/10/2017NIQ for Video Recording DVD etc
818/10/2017NIQ Conference Material Kits, Bags etc
918/10/2017NIQ for Printing
1018/10/2017NIQ for Bedding
1118/10/2017NIQ for Catering
1218/10/2017Menu for catering
1307/04/2017NIQ for HPLC & UPLC Columns
1405/04/2017NIQ Taxi Services
1524/03/2017NIQ for Bedding
1624/03/2017NIQ for Video Recording DVD etc
1724/03/2017NIQ for Printing
1824/03/2017NIQ for Conference Material
1924/03/2017NIQ for Catering
2004/01/2017NIQ Chemicals
2104/01/2017NIQ Furniture
2204/01/2017NIQ for Video Recording DVD etc
2304/01/2017NIQ FOR Tent Carpet Bedding etc
2404/01/2017NIQ Conference Material Kits, Bags etc
2504/01/2017NIQ Printing
2604/01/2017NIQ Geysers
2704/01/2017NIQ Catering
2812/11/2016NIQ Air Conditioner
2911/11/2016NIQ Sound System
3011/11/2016NIQ Freeze
3111/11/2016NIQ LED TV
3211/11/2016NIQ LCD Projector
3311/11/2016NIQ Geysers
3402/10/2016NIQ for Vedio coverage
3502/10/2016NIQ for Printing
3602/10/2016NIQ for Furniture
3702/10/2016NIQ for Stalls
3802/10/2016NIQ for conference material
3902/10/2016NIQ for Chemicals SIGMA
4002/10/2016NIQ for Catering
4102/10/2016NIQ for Bedding
4221/01/2016NIQ for Printing
4321/01/2016NIQ for Stalls & Poster Boards
4421/01/2016NIQ for Conference material
4521/01/2016NIQ Catering
4602/12/2015NIQ for Video Coverage DVD making & Photography
4702/12/2015NIQ for Tent etc
4802/12/2015NIQ for Printing
4902/12/2015NIQ for Furniture
5002/12/2015NIQ for Stalls
5102/12/2015NIQ for Conference material
5202/12/2015NIQ for Chemicals

Enquiry No(s): 1800-180-2065, +91 172 2534818, 2534866 (from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm & 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm on working days including Saturday)

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